The Ardèche

The first time in the Ardèche, visitors are surprised by the incredible diversity of the countryside. Arriving from the north (the High Vivarais), they will pass through the famous orchards and the prestigious vineyards on the banks of the Rhone. Moving on, another type of terrain presents itself: the Boutieres, land of chestnut trees - the symbolic bread tree of the Ardèche.

Our visitors can also choose to arrive through the Ardèche Mountains and their high plateaux punctuated by extinct volcanos (sucs) and crater lakes. Presently visitors will leave “Butter Ardèche” and the “padgels”, to discover “Oil Ardèche” and make their acquaintance with the people down below, the “rayols”.

Their journey will lead them into the Low Vivarais or the Ardèche Meridional, typified by its limestone covered in scrub (garrigue) and pierced by potholes (like the Grotte Chauvet and the Aven of Orgnac), and its famous Ardèche Gorges.

Our friends now arrive in the Ardèche Cevenne, a countryside mosaic illuminated by the emerald waters of innumerable rivers and by slopes where the soil is retained in terraces. These amazing terraces are planted with vines, chestnut and olive trees.

So there you are, that is what our Ardèche is like: beautiful, moving and moody. And if you can take the time to discover it as we suggest, you are going to spend a truly wonderful holiday.

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